Jehny's is a kind of angeny, who manage some girls to make music videos. This music videos (called PV) are on japanese songs. It come generally from Hello Project.

Some groups are create, they have their own name. Like Sakuraiba SM or Piixies. And make PV, dance, and have fun.

Jehny's also make some films but it's not a priority.

There are many new groups too [if you're interested to join us, please contact us (].



Latest News.

- 1st of Swiss' Life School !

- PV of Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda by !Nana~ is out !

- PV and Bonus from Our Songs by Sakuraiba SM are out !

-Jehny's has a Live Journal. Some news will arrive soon.

- Jehny's come back to his old web site, because it's more pratical.



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